Windows - Linux

For Windows or Linux OS just download a player like VLC from here
Add this url: or this to Network Protocol.
(Open VLC, press Ctrl+N and paste the url. Bonus: You could save the list as a m3u file for easy use.)

If you want a IP-TV Player for Windows check this out: IP-TV Player.


For Android devices through VLC as above or better just download an IPTV player like this one and add the list.
Lists url is: or this
For cracked without ads IPTV use this link.


You could get the list (Save as a m3u file) by copying the url using the button below:

Main List:  

Alternative List:  

Bonus Movies

Do a Google search like this, for "index of / movies", (replace movies with m3u for lists or a name of a series like GOT for Game of thrones) open a server like this one or this one or this one
navigate to a movie or a series episode, right click copy link address of video file and add it to VLC as we mention above.
Carefull you have to copy the video url and not the folder contains the video. URL must have a video format extention at the end.

*This Search is useful for all kinds of searches!

Tip Sports

Wanna see your favorite team for free? Go to LiveTV webpage, thank me later!